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Top 10 musical instruments for people with ADHD

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a brain disorder that affects many young people. However, ADHD music therapy is a great treatment method. ADHD can continue into adulthood, especially when not properly treated. People with ADHD are hyperactive, unable to control their impulses, or have trouble paying attention. If left untreated, these symptoms can cause trouble in their everyday life. It is more common in boys. If left untreated, adults with ADHD can also have a lot of trouble. For example, ADHD suffers commonly have a hard time organizing their lives, making goals, keeping their job, and having meaningful relationships. Additionally, many times they are also addicted to things such as drugs, food, ect.

Common medical care for people with ADHD include taking medication and going to a psychologist. However, studies have also found that ADHD music therapy helps common issues found in ADHD suffers. First, it helps you learn to keep your attention. Second, it helps you improve your executive functioning. In fact, a study at the University of Geneva found that people who were trained to perform an instrument performed better in tests that tested their attention, memory, and executive functioning than people who did receive musical instrument training.1)NCBI – How musical training affects cognitive development: rhythm, reward and other modulating variables However, teaching a child with ADHD to play an instrument is easier said than done. Therefore, it’s important to find instruments that are best suited to people with ADHD. Generally, stringed, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments are a great to start out with.

#10: Strumming the guitar can help with ADHD

adhd music therapy

The guitar is one of the best instruments for ADHD and to start ADHD music therapy. First, by being able to stand up and play the instrument at the same time it helps them focus better.2)L.A. Parent – Choosing Musical Instruments For Children With Special Needs Second, it serves as a great way for a person with ADHD to increase hand eye coordination. Third, it is a great form of meditation. The mind of an ADHD suffer seems to move a million miles an hour. This makes it very difficult for them to think straight. By practicing simple guitar exercises such as scale and picking, it helps them focus on a relatively simple but repetitive task. This acts as a form of meditation, allowing them a small respite from their ADHD.

#9: Becoming a violinist helps the symptoms of ADHD

adhd music therapy

The violin works in a similar manner and is one of the best instruments for ADHD and ADHD music therapy. In fact, according to Davenport Suzuki Violin School, “when learning-disabled children and children with ADHD learn a musical instrument, attention, concentration, impulse control, social functioning, self-esteem, self-expression, motivation, and memory improve”.3)Davenport Suzuki Violin School – Suzuki Violin: May Help Child with ADHD

#8: Sitting down at the piano

adhd music therapy

The piano is one of the most common instruments that children learn to play. Many people might remember having to sit quietly in front of it practicing their music. Sitting down is not something that usually comes very easy for a young child with ADHD. Most people may dismiss the piano as a good instrument for them to learn. However, the piano can be a great instrument to help a person with ADHD. In fact, learning to play the piano is a great way for them to use their creative energies in a positive manner.4)TeachPianoToday – 8 Strategies for Teaching Piano to Students with ADD or ADHD

#7: The flute is a great wind instrument to start with

adhd music therapy Wind Instruments are a great aid for people with ADHD. Out of all the wind instruments, the flute is one of the best instruments for ADHD. First, it is easy for children as young as 3 years learn.5)Super Nanny – How to Choose an Instrument for Your Child In fact, the way the flute is made makes it adaptable for tiny fingers. This means that you can start helping your child from a very young age. When their hands get big enough, the adjustments can be easily removed. Furthermore, initial progression with the flute is very quick. This is great ADHD suffers. They are less likely to get as frustrated compared other instruments as they can still be a really new learner and be playing many simple tunes.

#6: Hitting some drums


Drums are a great outlet and is one of the best instruments for ADHD. First, it provides a safe and constructive way to let out frustration. Second, it is serves as a great tool to hone your precise and bigger motor skills.6)Psychology Today – Drumming for Development: How Drumming Helps Children with Special Needs The drums require you to use your whole body in order to play them. You have a drum stick in each hand and a drum peddle under each foot. This allows a person with ADHD to not  concentrate on just one thing, but on 4 separate tasks at the same time. It serves as a great cognitive exercise for the ADHD suffer.

#5: Playing some jazz on the saxophone

Playing some jazz on the saxophone

The alto saxophone is a natural progression from the flute. Similar to the flute, it is also a great wind instrument for ADHD music therapy. Some of the great advantages for ADHD alto saxophone players include: being easy to learn and quick initial progress. Furthermore, it serves as a great jumping off point to learn other wind instruments (such as other types of saxophones, bassoon, oboe, and the bass clarinet).7)How to Select an Instrument – The Pros & Cons of Each Band Instrument

#4: ADHD music therapy with the cello

ADHD music therapy with the cello

Another great stringed instrument to help people with ADHD music therapy is the cello. Like the stringed instruments on this list, it is relatively easy to learn. This makes it an ideal musical instrument for children as young as 6 years old to learn to play.8)ThoughtCo. – The Top 10 Musical Instruments for Beginners This provides a great advantage, as it is possible to help children with ADHD at a much younger age.

#3: Keeping it casual with the ukulele


The ukulele may be one of the most fun instruments to play. While similar to the guitar, violin, and cello, it is much simpler to learn how to play. Many people think it is just a smaller guitar. However, the major difference, other than its size is that it has 4 strings as opposed to the guitar’s 6. This makes it much easier to learn to play the ukulele. In fact, it is possible to learn how to play it in just a few weeks.9)Ukulele Lesson Today – How Easy is Learning to Play Ukulele? This helps people with ADHD, as the barrier to entry is much lower and they are less likely to get as frustrated while learning the instrument. Instead, they can focus on how fun it is to play songs on the ukulele.

#2: Harmonica – the mouth organ

adhd music therapy

Harmonicas are a great instrument for ADHD music therapy for people of any age. The harmonica is a versatile instrument that can be used in many different styles of music. Therefore, no matter what type of music you enjoy listening to, you can definitely play it on the harmonica. Additionally, the barrier to entry is very low. It is one of the easiest instrument to learn. In fact, it is so easy because it is never out of key.10)The Harmonica Company – How Difficult is it to Learn the Harmonica? You don’t have to worry about hurting people’s ears with bad sounding music! Lastly, its small size makes it very easy to carry around. This is great because it gives people with ADHD access to harmonica therapy which allows them to play an easy to reach instrument no matter what time it is or where they are.

#1: The Glockenspiel?


The glockenspiel is definitely the coolest sounding instrument on this list. But what exactly is a glockenspiel? Simply put, it is the cousin of the xylophone. It is similar to the xylophone but a bit smaller. In addition, it has metal bars rather than wooden ones. You use a small wooden mallet to hit each bar. Just like the xylophone, each bar makes its own unique noise. This instrument is great for children with ADHD to learn.11)kinder musik – A Parent’s Introduction to the Glockenspiel Furthermore, similar to the drums, it helps with hand eye coordination and rhythm.

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